Oral cancer has lately been a major health threat and listed as the third most prevalent type of cancer across the Indian subcontinent, affecting thousands. Once there are traces of cancer in diagnosis it’s beyond the level of recovery through medications and restrictive therapy alone.
Early detection of the onset of oral cancer is absolutely necessary as the chances of success with the treatment regime, in fact, the survival rate totally depend on it; naturally, a highly experienced oncologist is your salvation. Dr Saurabh Gupta with his abysmal knowledge and 7 years of experience as an onco surgeon is perhaps among the best doctors for oral cancer in Delhi to consult.
A specialist in oncosurgery, Dr Saurabh Gupta not only has his academics and practiced to dedicate himself for the treatment of Oral cancer but also have acquired extensive training in Robotic Head & Neck surgeries including TORS, Robotic thyroidectomy and Robotic Neck dissections from abroad, from the very pioneer of these hi-tech surgical procedures involved in thyroid and neck cancer treatments; acclaiming his reputation of being the best Head and Neck cancer surgeon in Delhi.